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Let me start with very recent massacre done by christian missionaries in which christian missionaries openly tortured lakhs of innocent lives - men, women and children to death simply because they opposed to convert - "The Goa Inquisition [Ref]".

When we talk about foreign invaders, only thing that comes to our mind is "Hampi and other temples destroyed by muslim rulers [Ref], gang rape conducted by muslim rulers [Refand other cruelties of muslim rulers [Ref]" and apart from that, "cruelties of british rulers".

But we forget a major massacre which took lakhs of innocent lives living in the west coast of Bharata. The state of Goa was under colonial rule of portugese for nearly half a milenial along with Diu and Daman. Under their rule, narrow minded portugese christian extremists did all demonic works that can happen to mankind.

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[Different types of tortures given to Hindus by christian missionaries]

Some christians consider francis xavier as a saint simply because vatican awarded him sainthood. But that same francis xavier writes letter to king asking for inquisition court in Goa.

Leave divinity, if francis had a least humanity, he would have heard those screaming voices of innocent lives dying right in front of him and because of him.

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[Torture given in public to those who opposed to convert]

Few days ago, parts of Karnataka and Kerala were under stress due to natural disaster. When someone is in trouble, you try to help them, and if that's not possible, you at least pray for their well being. But christian missionaries were taking advantage of that tragic incident. These missionaries make business out of a person's problems. If missionaries were really doing a selfless social work, then they wouldn't have expected anything in return. But christian missionaries expect you to convert to christianity in return to the help they provide you. This becomes a business not charity work.

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[Hands and legs tied and pulled away until body ripps apart into two pieces]

Christian Missionaries do conversion business in 2 ways:

1. Aggressive/Direct conversion -

     Missionaries do conversion activities directly, without any hesitation, secrets. This type of conversion happens mainly in Christian countries or the areas which are in Christian control or majority Christians. The "Goa Inquisition" is a recent example from Bharata under this type of conversion.

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[Torturing through men's reproductive organ and feet were burnt using animal fat]

2. Soft/Indirect conversion -

     This method is used where Christians are minority or in the areas which do not have Christian control. They run schools, old age houses, orphanages, etc as a way for conversion and christian missionaries use human desire for money/power/welath/facilities/etc for converting them to christianity. Missionaries do not directly conduct conversion activities but they indirectly pollute the society with false claims and miracle stories and money/power/wealth/facilities to attract people of different faiths. And missionaries run to help others in times of their trouble, so that missionaries can do business in their troubles. Karnataka and Kerala flood situation falls in this category of conversion.

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[Above all these demonic tortures given by them, missionaries think that they are agents of God]

If you are thinking "i am trying to point out only negative side of missionaries" or "christian missionaries do good works also", let me put it this way:

When a rapist approaches you, he will not say "Namaskara, My name is XYZ and I am here to rape you. Please co-operate"!
And when a rape happens, we will not say "Ah, that rapist had a good sense of humor" or "Poor rapist, he donated so much money to so many people and hence let's just neglect his rape case".
When you choose to live like a sheep, not even God can save you from wolves.
Because Goa Inquisition is no different than 26-11 Mumbai terror attack.

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